.. after my dance, I will check in the crowd to see who has the special winning ticket – that person, or couple, will get a prize from me..." I squinted at Carly, but she just slipped her arm in mine and gazed back at our "headliner" ... It was a little weird, but I wanted to see what the HELL would happen ... I did a quick 360' with my eyes, and noticed that we were truly alone in this spot, with little or no chance of discovery ... just in case...Bev went thru all the motions of a slow dance. He was tall & slim with sandy blonde hair. She was only 16. She was off limits. But that didn't stop her dreaming. "OMG!", she thought to herself, "He's Susan's brother, for God's sake!" But the voices inside her head wouldn't leave her alone. She found it impossible to concentrate on the movie.Susan was wearing way too much make-up, Annie mused as she tried to focus on something else in the truck. "Let's go fix your make-up," she said as she pulled on Susan's elbow on her way out of the. .. I don't know how you did that without me noticing... You're crafty. My heart is pounding and I can barely contain the excitement I'm feeling anticipating your knock. And then you're with me in the tiny room. I sit on the seat and unzip your pants. You're only slightly hard, having to be able to walk down the aisle without raising too many eyebrows... I slip your cock out and take it in my mouth. It's so warm and wet and I'm suckling your cock like its the most delicious delicacy - savoring. Remember you made that promise to me: I will be honest with you and you will be honest with me. Remember?”I hung my head. I guess I knew it was true, deep down. But I wanted there to be some reason that it could be someone else, some other Ashley. But, no. It was my daughter on the little video.“Yeah, so what! I’m honestly very concerned about you being the school slut!”“I’m not the school slut, Daddy! These were my friends… wait, is this why you were avoiding me yesterday?”“Yeah… I didn't want.
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